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Project Description
Majoopic is a personal project with the purpose to manage pictures from different sources.
The pictures can provide from a physical device or the website
The purpose is to have a single access to the pictures whatever the source and have a unique library of pictures. The software can be used to synchronize the pictures from different sources.

The application design is a 3 tier architecture. The purpose is to have a WebService to access the library from computers or from mobile device.

This is the beginning of this project, and the source code changes every day.
List of updates :
  • Update April 22 :
    • Project published on CodePlex
    • Database design created in a simple mdf file
    • Object model created with Entity Framework
    • All empty projects created (client and server side)
    • Base class for service and AbstractFactory created (see projects Majoopic.Service and Majoopic.Service.Server)
    • Engine to scan images from physical device (see class Majoopic.Engine.FileEngine). The engine scans the directories and images and read the header of the each files to construct an object with the information, then call the service to save the image. A producer/consumer multi-threading system is integrated.
    • Simple WPF application using the FileEngine (see project Majoopic.WPFClient) connected to a testing service (see project Majoopic.Service.Test) This service do nothing but simulate a long execution. The WPF application show the actual progress of the engine.

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